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Been a while…

August 28, 2010

Oh hello there, I’ve decided to update again. Been busy for most of the summer. While visiting a friend at her summer camp, I lost my glasses. after 2 hours of combing the roadside I found them the exact moment my train left so I had to hitch a ride. There were barely any cars driving at night but I remembered the two important words every hitchhiker should know “DONT PANIC”. hurr I’ve gone and done made a pop-culture reference. Also I turned 19 a month ago, it was a sad day because I don’t free health-care anymore, but I got a new phone, a Nokia N97. Anyway… here are some new(old) pictures.

Segway rent horaah!

I got me a free can of RC-Cola.

I don’t know…

I dig this guys hair.

Here puss puss puss!




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