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December 2, 2010

Did you know that giving a photo horrible colors instantly grants it extra artistic value. I took these a while ago, but who honestly cares?


Time for one of them updates I guess….

November 28, 2010

First one is from a cemetery obviously, It looked so good I didn’t even have to ruin the colors. The second one is a sunset from like yesterday and then there’s a bird who wanted to eat my can or something… I don’t know.

Also HORAAY for winter.


This week has been crap

November 13, 2010

Maaaaaan… this week has been shit. I haven’t slept for the last 5 nights, the two times I’ve went to school for an exam, the teachers haven’t been there and I’ve gained 5 kilos. Fuck this week. Anyway, enough whining, here are some pictures, which are about as shit as my week has been.

Don’t worry kids, this squirrel is just sleeping.


So I’m thinking…

October 28, 2010

It just occurred to me, humans are like free-range food for the earth. I mean we walk around doing whatever we want all our lives, but when we die, we are buried in the ground. So basically we’re fed to the earth. It’s usually humane too, since most people die naturally and only a minuscule minority are killed. I like to have silly thoughts sometimes.
But anyway, here are some pictures, one of a small field mouse sort of thing and then then some of them tiny bird things.


sunsets lol

September 15, 2010

Ill start off with this VW and then post some others related to this totally original subject.


Little boxes…

September 13, 2010

So my friend and I went to a local beach a while ago to take some pictures for kicks. Here are some of them.

Ok well this one is KINDA edited…. I just wanted to mess around with photoshop a bit…



September 3, 2010

I took these in like may or something, while visiting a potential photo-scavenger hunt location with a good friend of mine.

This guy lives in that thar forest, I would like to write an article about him, but alas I’ve forgotten what he said.