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March 7, 2011

Oh hey this is yet another retrospective update. I took these pictures on March 2nd, I wrote this post on the 14th and published it on the 7th. Since I’m such a slacker, my bookface page is full of old shit I’ve forgotten to post earlier. On an unrelated note, check it; I added borders and dropshadows to my photos to make this blog even more painful to read.



December 3, 2010

Look at them stone people being all happy and kissing.

I was actually supposed to include it in the previous post BUT OH WELL, nobody still gives a shit. Also my keyboard and mouse combo is starting to die.


HQ Galore!

September 11, 2009

Soz I was in Finland for a few days. Fun place, pricey as fuck.

P9080138 copy copy

P9080173 copy copy

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

Untitled_Panorama2 copy copy



July 31, 2009

My birthday was on the 30th. But since this being the internet and nobody caring about this shit, here are some pictures, that nobody cares about). I can’t be assed to give them pictures silly descriptions, so here’s what they’re all about: all are made from single JPGs and are fake HDR… well except the panoramas, since its hard to make a panorama with just one picture…

DSC_2648 copy

DSC_2657 copy

DSC_2705 copy

DSC_2710 copy

DSC_2719 copy

DSC_2723 copy

Panorama1 copy

Panorama2 copy

Panorama3 copy


Miniature Jesus

July 18, 2009

DSC_2443 copy

According to this church, Jesus was a midget.

DSC_2479 copy copy

And this is just some shitty psuedo HDR I did.


July 1st

July 1, 2009

Due to it being the first of July, and 1/3rds of the summer also being over, here are a few pictures I took on the 30th. They’re re-sized a bit due to them being fucking HUEGH! being

Panorama1This is from Nõmme bridge, and so is the next one.

Panorama3 CopyHaha this one was originally like 12122×2183.

Panorama5 Copy SmallMy my, what a fancy fellow, with his walking club(which used to be a bronze sword before it was vandalized).

Panorama6 CopyCrikey! Who shoved their thumb up THIS crock’s arse?

Panorama7 CopyThis observatory looks like a mushroom. I went there once, when mars was doing that really close pass. Also HAHA the stretching made it ugly.

P6301664 CopyAs a special treat, here are two pine cones, enjoy!


More of that monument

June 30, 2009

Monument 1-smallIt’s actually quite ugly.

Monument 2
Poetic words of wisdom… which I’m noting to translate because its in Olde Estonian.

Monument View-small
On a less related note, this is what was behind the statue.

I had to re-size the pictures because the first and last are panoramas(that’s why they have a few minor mistakes in them) and were originally like 20Mb.