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The car is on fire

May 14, 2010

Ok not anymore anyway… this thing burned up next to my friend’s building yesterday, even the car parked next to it got a bit of a tan.


Get out of that truck, dog!s

May 13, 2010

What are you doing in that truck, dog? You don’t even like trucks. Also stop towing my car, its mine not yours.

Ok its not actually my car… Anyway, those Russian metro dogs dont have shit on this guy.

Also here’s a squirrel and a butterfly.



May 7, 2010


An HDR panoramamama that looks like feces

May 1, 2010

Just playing around with Photoshop CS5. I must mention that the content aware fill is good for small-scale retouching, but it goes bat shit crazy normal-scale. But the Puppet-warp and HDR Pro work great.