Easterrr pictures I think

April 4, 2010

No pictures of Jesus, eggs or bunnies… in fact there is nothing related to Easter in any way.
ANYWAY… I went with my uncle and nephew to go see a place called Witch Fountain, which floods every spring or so. On the way there, we stopped at a place called VIKING VILLAGE. I was disappointed as it only had one building and no vikings in sight (well no real ones, but there were some plywood ones that didn’t look like they could pillage or rape very well at all).There was a possibility to rent axes, bows and spears (also swords, but they were free… and made of duct-tape covered styrofoam). They had a nice little stronghold though, which was very good protection, if you were for example, attacked by a midget with a BB-gun. Also next to that little stronghold was a pussy willow which had a sexy little wet catkin growing all up on it. Also the place was pretty much flooded, yo.

Well that’s a shitload of pictures, I think I’ll upload the rest tomorrow or something… Happy Easter I guess, brb.


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