July 31, 2009

My birthday was on the 30th. But since this being the internet and nobody caring about this shit, here are some pictures, that nobody cares about). I can’t be assed to give them pictures silly descriptions, so here’s what they’re all about: all are made from single JPGs and are fake HDR… well except the panoramas, since its hard to make a panorama with just one picture…

DSC_2648 copy

DSC_2657 copy

DSC_2705 copy

DSC_2710 copy

DSC_2719 copy

DSC_2723 copy

Panorama1 copy

Panorama2 copy

Panorama3 copy



  1. Wow, amazing photography! And Happy Birthday to you too!! ❤

    • haha they only look good because of the HDR colors, also thanks.

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