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More of that monument

June 30, 2009

Monument 1-smallIt’s actually quite ugly.

Monument 2
Poetic words of wisdom… which I’m noting to translate because its in Olde Estonian.

Monument View-small
On a less related note, this is what was behind the statue.

I had to re-size the pictures because the first and last are panoramas(that’s why they have a few minor mistakes in them) and were originally like 20Mb.


That FFFFing duckling again

June 29, 2009

Its that god damned duck again, only recolored. I felt that the one I posted here like a year ago looked fucking horrible with all those over saturated colors, so I decided to post the one I posted on deviantArt. Click HERE if you want to see the original unaltered one. I’m posting this because I haven’t done anything for a few days; its a filler.


Just testing

June 28, 2009

I was just reading these articles about adding different effects to photos, and decided to try two of them. Go check them out yourselves.

DSC_5413 - Copy

My attempt at the vintage effect one.

DSC_6288 copy

And this is my take on the Gritty portrait thing. It looked pretty crappy and mediocre, so I added some chromatic aberration just for kicks.
Also I noticed its just like upping the contrast and using the smart sharpen filter.


New desk

June 25, 2009

Since I didn’t go out today, im instead going to post about my new desk.
I took a time lapse, but I don’t feel like uploading the video to youtube, so here’s a shitty GIF instead. CLICK IT!



June 25, 2009

This is a monument dedicated to the Estonian independence war. It was revealed on the 22nd I think.
I should probably go back and take a few detail shots.


Kinda sexy weather maybe

June 24, 2009

Well not as sexy as the last time… not even close, but still kinda neat I guess maybe. Started pretty regularly like it was going to raBLAHBLAH I liked the colors, okay.






June 23, 2009

Yuuup.. Wanted to get some sun rays through the dust, but I failed so have this instead.

stuffffsIn retrospect, I should have added some scratches and stuff like that there too.