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Look at me

May 30, 2009

P5290029 copy
P5290011 Panorama copy
P5290012 copy
P5290028 Panorama copy

Yeah, some abandoned little building, I think it used to be a part of something bigger, like a factory or something… since I didnt use panorama mode, the focus be all FFFFd up.



May 11, 2009

I’m starting to get pissed at Olympus and its shitty, nonexistent costumer support. Give me back my motherfucking camera already, you dickheads. The weather is perfect for pictures, but thanks to Olympus and them fucking up the memory card reader, then not fixing it faster, I cant do shit about it. Never buy anything from Olympus, because if it breaks and you take it to get repaired, you will never see it again. I  got it back on the 25th march and now I’m happy.