Stupid pictures

January 21, 2009

N0t saying that my other pictures are any less stupid, but these are especially pointless.

Pictures from New York (one from Mexico).

1. Its a church DURRRP.
2. Was testing my newly bought Gorillapod SLR.
3. Its that empiresomething building that wasn’t as big as I thought it was.

1.Newark airport railway station.
2.Holiday inn smokers lounge. Ok its steam.
3.Sunrise from the Holiday inn parking lot.
4.A sunset in Mexico, just to fill the space.

1.A High quality L.E.D. screen.
2.WTF New York? You couldn’t run a dog over in that piece of shit.
3.ERROR ERROR ERROR. Ok its shooped because I zoomed in to the error and then put the zoomed out and zoomed in pictures together LIKE A PRO, YO!
4.New York train station, good thing it wasn’t the line for OUR train.

Two pictures from mexico.

A panorama taken with a Nokia N95.


A boring HDR you would only like if you were a boring person who thinks sunsets are original.



  1. nice pics.. how do you like the sp-560 uz.. i just got it, any tips..

    • Yeah I like it, too bad Homeland security broke it. Basically try to mess around with the manual controls as much as you can and try to keep the iso as low as possible.

  2. nothing like good ole homeland security, i like shooting in the S mode for some reason.. thanks for the tip fam

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