My trip to Mexico

January 15, 2009

Welp, a few days ago I came to Mexico, but on my way here, I went through Sweden and New York. I’m staying in Mexico for like 2 months and will post more pictures during that time. Also homeland security can suck my dick, they took away my favorite lighter and broke my camera(well in my eyes its their fault). I understand the rule about lighters, but why is it that my dad, who had like 3 generic and boring butane lighters, could keep all of his? I only had a single nice one and they decided it cant pass. Personally, I think the guy doing the search was a complete piece of shit and probably took it for himself. Also they way they searched my bag even after it going through a god damn sniffer and that x-ray thing was fucking annoying, they unpacked my carefully organized backpack and just started taking stuff out, smearing shit all over them and then giving it back to me, to repack again, but since it took them like 4 hours to do the god damn search and the time spent waiting in line for those fucks to do their job was pretty long too. I was in a hurry and couldn’t repack my backpack well enough, so while running to my gate, my 560UZ fell out, now I cant use it anymore since its fucking broken,  but I can use my new/old RAZR and my dads D80. As tasteless as you may find this comment, I can see why they flew into the WTC, after such shitty service, I can sympathize. Anyway, all the homeland security assholery aside, here are a few pictures I’ve taken. Also since writing this draft I’ve caught a cold, how the fuck is that even possible in Mexico?



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  1. Interesting, but usual =)

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