December 10, 2008

No real theme to this post, just updating for the sake of being active.

So here’s a shitty HDR I took and a really bad-ass and good looking car that isn’t a piece of shit at all.


Since there’s still space to fill, here’s an update on my “life”.

1. I have a shit load of homework to finish up and present before the 19th.

2. Fucking U.S. laws prohibited me from sending a friend some Estonian liqueur for Christmas.

3.I’m going to Latvia with a few friends on the 25th and will be there for like a few days or so and ill be back before new years eve.

4. I’m also going to Mexico in January and I’ll be back in March, so expect pictures of orange sellers, tacos, burritos, tequila, cactuses and everything else that someone might relate to Mexico.


One comment

  1. Nice stuff.

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